Special Projects


Handicap Accessibility for Rose Hill

We want every visitor to be able to enjoy our crown jewel, Rose Hill.  Unfortunately, the lack of handicap accessibility make that a challenge. We want to install a lift at the rear of Rose Hill, transporting people safely to the main floor. The lift will be installed on the rear of Rose Hill, underneath the porch to be safely out of the weather and out of sight so it does not detract from her beautiful Greek Revival architecture.

Help us install a lift in Rose Hill! The fundraising goal for this project is $90,000.


Plant Signs

Let’s face it: Without proper plant signage, Lockerly is little more than a pretty back yard. The presence of signage around Lockerly is key to our mission to inspire an understanding and appreciation of horticulture, nature and heritage. Without signs, how can guests understand and appreciate? We want guests to visit Lockerly, read plant signs and become inspired by content they find engaging. We hope they will then take that inspiration and share it with others! We hope to purchase and install approximately 500 signs by the end of 2019.  Signs will contain the Family, Genus, Species and Common Name.

Help us Label Lockerly! The fundraising goal for this project is $15,000.