Carolina Sapphire


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Spectacular blue color evergreen tree that can be used as a screen or a focal point.  Will get very large.

This tree is a great alternative to a privacy fence. Not only is this evergreen fast-growing, but it is also deer, disease, and insect resistant! Just plant these trees in the ground for a lovely accent tree or use it as a wind barrier for your property. No extra pruning or pesticide treatments will be needed for this tree, unlike many evergreens.

The Carolina Sapphire maintains a tall and compact shape naturally. Drought tolerant, this tree only requires watering until established. This evergreen tree will be easy to grow with no extra work needed. Prefers full sun and does not require any special soil conditions. For defined privacy or wind barrier along your property, it is recommended to plant these trees 6-7 ft. apart. You can also choose to only plant 1 of these trees as a focal point or to provide an accent next to your home.

30 gallon