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Invest in Rose Hill’s Heritage and Future

Founded in 1965, Lockerly Arboretum provides Milledgeville and the middle Georgia area with a public garden and educational resource that promotes the preservation and stewardship of the environment by developing an appreciation for our natural resources, wildlife and flora, and the history of our area.

Situated on a high ridge just inside the Arboretum’s entrance, Rose Hill attracts visitors to its surrounding gardens while providing a window into 19th century life. Not only can visitors to the Arboretum tour Rose Hill to gain knowledge of the period, but participants in the Arboretum’s educational programs also have opportunities to explore Rose Hill. In addition, Rose Hill and the surrounding gardens offer a beautiful setting for weddings and celebrations, as well as a unique location for business meetings and strategic planning sessions.

The Lockerly Arboretum Board of Trustees needs your help to protect and preserve Rose Hill’s heritage for future generations.









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There are seven different levels of support for Invest in Rose Hill's Heritage and Future:

  1. Cornice: $10,000 and Above
  2. Parapet: $8,000-$9,999
  3. Staircase: $5,000-$7,999
  4. Second Floor: $1,000-$4,999
  5. First Floor: $500-$999
  6. Ground Floor: $100-$499
  7. Foundation: Up to $99

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